Trump didn't 'bring us to where we're at' — but he 'exploited it for his own personal gain': Officer Fanone
Michael Fanone (screen shot)

Injured DC police officer Michael Fanone said Thursday night he's "glad" the House voted earlier in the day to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying subpoenas from a select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

"I feel bad for the members of the committee that they have to go through this kind of circus," Fanone said.

Fanone also reacted to footage in a new HBO documentary about the insurrection showing him being assaulted by Capitol rioters beneath a "Blue Lives Matter" flag.

"There are some groups of people that love the police until they are preventing them from overthrowing the Capitol complex and the government," Fanone said, adding that a "common theme" in the documentary was Capitol rioters claiming in court that they were "acting under the orders of ... the president of the United States."

"In my opinion, you're still responsible for your actions," Fanone said.

Fanone, who recently returned to duty with the Metropolitan Police Department, said one thing he's learned over the last nine months is that he has "no taste for politics," because he's a "no-bullsh*t guy" and "it seems like the only thing our elected leaders do well is bullsh*t."

"So you will not see me running for any elected office, whether it's the PTA or Congress. I enjoy being a police officer," he said.

Finally, Fanone talked about his quest for "accountability" for the Capitol insurrection — at both "micro" and "macro" levels.

On the micro level, he wants to see Capitol rioters — and lawmakers who may have incited them — held responsible, and he hopes law enforcement can learn from the insurrection.

"But on a macro level, I want this country to engage in a broader discussion that's above politics," Fanone said. "Donald Trump, ultimately, I don't believe was responsible for bringing us to where we're at, the divisiveness that exists in this country. He just exploited it for his own personal gain. But If we're not going to have that conversation, we're not going to engage in it honestly, we're doomed to repeat the activities of Jan. 6."

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Michael Fanone on MSNBC