British spy Christopher Steele may be called as witness in trial of former Clinton attorney: court filings
Christopher Steele (Telegraph)

Special counsel John Durham may call Christopher Steele as a witness in the upcoming trial of former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

A court filing shows that Durham will introduce the dossier detailing links between Donald Trump and Russia as evidence at Sussmann's trial for allegedly lying to FBI officials about cyberactivity between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank, reported CNN.

The new filings show Durham, who was appointed by Trump to investigate the origins of the Russia probe, intends to show the Clinton campaign tried to dig up dirt about the former president in his first campaign in 2016, but Sussmann's attorneys want the court to block evidence about the dossier produced by Steele, a former British intelligence agent.

"The Special Counsel should not be permitted to turn Mr. Sussmann's trial on a narrow false statement charge into a circus full of sideshows that will only fuel partisan fervor," the lawyers in a court filing.

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Defense attorneys say Steele's work has "no bearing" on the case and is "inflammatory and irrelevant."

However, prosecutors say they will introduce an old Steele deposition where he describes a meeting with Sussmann where they describe the Trump-Russia cyber claims, which suggests the former spy may be called as a witness.