Michigan AG calls for special prosecutor to investigate Cyber Ninjas founder

Michigan's attorney general is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Republican candidate for state attorney general and others and determine if charges should be filed in regards to an alleged effort to gain access to voting machines after the 2020 election, News 12 reports.

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office has asked the Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council to appoint a special prosecutor to consider charges against Republican attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, state Rep. Daire Rendon of Lake City and Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf, and others.

DePerno, who has been endorsed by Trump and is running against state attorney general Dana Nessel, has regurgitated false claims about a stolen 2020 election. DePerno was also endorsed by Michigan Republicans at their state convention in April.

“Dana Nessel knows she is losing this race," DePerno’s campaign manager, Tyson Shepard, said in a statement Sunday night, The News reported. "She is desperate to win this election at all costs and is now targeting DePerno, her political opponent. Her actions are unethical and will further demonstrate to the voters that she is unfit for office.”

The petition for a special prosecutor states that Ben Cotton, Jeff Lenberg, Douglas Logan and James Penrose “broke into the [voting machine tabulators] and performed ‘tests’ on the equipment.” As News 12 points out, Logan is the founder of Cyber Ninjas. He was involved in an audit of results in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Read the full report over at News 12.

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