‘Meatgrinder’ GOP Gov. primary in Michigan will leave nominee ‘broke, bloodied, and disliked’: expert
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) may face an easier re-election thanks to a fractured Republican Party in the state's August 2 primary election.

"As many as 10 Republicans — believed to be a record number — are expected to have their names on Michigan's Aug. 2 primary ballot for the right to challenge Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in November, based on petitions filed ahead of Tuesday's deadline," Paul Egan reported for the Detroit Free Press. "The large field means candidates will collectively need to spend many millions of dollars from Republican donors before it is known who will oppose Whitmer, who is sitting on a large and growing campaign war chest to see a second four-year term."

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig is widely seen as leading the field, but former President Donald Trump has yet to weigh in on the race.

Other candidates include former Michigan State Police Capt. Mike Brown; businesswomen Donna Brandeburg and Tudor Dixon; businessman Perry Johnson; real estate agent Ryan Kelley; financial advisor Michael Markey; pastor Ralph Rebandt, businessman Kevin Rinke; and chiropractor Garrett Soldano.

Mike Murray, a consultant for Republican and nonpartisan candidates, worried about the large field.

"The primary is going to be a meatgrinder and whoever emerges as the nominee is going to be broke, bloodied, and disliked by 70%-plus of Republicans who supported one of the other candidates. And all the while Whitmer keeps adding to her mountain of cash," he explained.

State GOP spokesman Gus Portela argued that donors would rally behind whomever wins in August.

"I'm confident Republican donors are going to rally behind the nominee, whoever that is," he said.

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