Trump supporters considered having GOP lawmaker sneak phony electors into Michigan Capitol: report
Kathy Berden for National Committeewoman on Facebook.

Trump supporters in Michigan hoped to have a GOP lawmaker sneak fake electors into the state Capitol, The Detroit News reports.

"Supporters of former President Donald Trump privately discussed ways they could gain access to the Michigan Capitol on Dec. 14, 2020, when the battleground state's presidential electors met," the newspaper reported, citing "four sources with knowledge of the planning."

Sixteen Michigan Republicans signed the fabricated elector certificate.

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"The conversations reveal some of Trump's Michigan backers were considering further escalating their unsuccessful effort to overturn Democrat Joe Biden's victory by getting inside the building where the state's true 16 electors were scheduled to meet to solidify the result. The building was closed that day to the public," the newspaper reported. "Multiple sources said a group of Trump supporters contemplated working with a Republican lawmaker who had a Capitol office to get the 16 Trump electors inside or finding a way inside before the building was sealed off."

The effort was designed to let the fake electors into the building on Dec. 14, 2020.

One week later, a similar maneuver was used by Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman, who dubbed it "Operation Hall Pass." Nearman was caught on video letting armed far-right protesters breach the state Capitol. In June, he was expelled from the Oregon House of Representatives. In July, Nearman pleaded guilty to official misconduct.