Mike Lindell lashes out at fans who are revolting against his failed Trump 'reinstatement' predictions
Real America's Voice/screen grab

With his own fans turning on him, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is coming even more unglued.

On his Thursday livestream, Lindell lashed out at "bots" and "trolls" on his Facebook page who "are growing increasingly restless awaiting Donald Trump’s reinstatement as president, as an endless stream of self-imposed deadlines touted by the pillow executive has come and gone," the Daily Beast reported.

According to Lindell, people have been interrupting his Facebook Live broadcasts with comments like, “Mike, you keep making promises. I don’t see Donald Trump.”

“You guys, those are bots and trolls!" Lindell railed, calling them "relentless."

"Any real person out there would know we are doing everything we can!” he said.

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Referring to his promises of Trump's reinstatement, Lindell continued: "I'm just optimistic everybody, because I'll tell you what, it's going to happen. We have truth on our side, God's on our side, this is a battle of good and evil."

Last week, Lindell said his long-awaited Supreme Court case challenging the 2020 election results would be filed "probably, right between Christmas and New Years, or after New Years." But he also acknowledged that the case "isn't going to be a thing that's going to pull down the election."