'I thought Mike Lindell was an honorable man!' MyPillow CEO infuriates Ohio campaign by pulling endorsement
Lindell TV/screen grab

Three Republican candidates for Ohio governor are vying for the endorsement of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

It appeared one of them, former Rep. Jim Renacci, appeared to have locked up the Donald Trump ally's backing Friday over former state Rep. Ron Hood and businessman Joe Blystone in the GOP primary against Republican Gov. Mike DeWin, but that seemed to fall apart almost immediately, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"Everyone is atwitter in Ohio, wondering why you would endorse an establishment RINO who has been calling you a nutjob for over a year," said Cincinnati-area chemist Douglas Frank, an election conspiracist who backs Blystone.

Frank shared a text message exchange he appears to have had with Lindell about the endorsement.

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"Tell them I am not endorsing him !!!!" Lindell replied, according to Frank.

A spokesman said Renacci's running mate Joe Knopp had spoken with Lindell three times on the day of the endorsement, which the pillow magnate later denied in a Facebook livestream.

"So that is not true with Jim – Reh-NAH-she or NAH-key, NAH-she? – endorsement, that is not true," Lindell said, mispronouncing Renacci's name -- properly pronounced reh-NAY-see -- in two different ways.

Renacci's campaign sent out text messages touting the endorsement Saturday, although campaign representatives concede it's only pending.

"Well I thought Mike Lindell was an honorable man. I was wrong," Renacci adviser Brad Parscale posted on Facebook. "Giving your word to someone and then calling them a liar is the worst. Especially a friend. Mike, sad to see what you have become."

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