Mike Lindell brings judge's nightmare to reality in latest court filing in Dominion case
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has demanded a copy of a voting machine analysis that had been placed under seal by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg ordered the report sealed in July out of concern that the cybersecurity analysis would be exploited in bad faith to fuel conspiracy theories, and the right-wing pillow magnate and his attorneys filed a motion Saturday asking for the report to support his false claims about election fraud, reported The Daily Beast.

“The Halderman report strongly supports the conclusion that Dominion’s electronic voting machines are vulnerable to intrusion, manipulation, and fraud,” reads a court filing by Lindell attorney Kurt R. Hilbert.

The analysis by cybersecurity expert J. Alex Halderman purportedly shows that a certain type of Dominion voting machine could theoretically be hacked, and Totenberg has steadfastly rejected requests by voting rights groups, Homeland Security officials and conspiracy theorists because she's concerned its findings would be twisted to bolster Donald Trump's election lies.

"I think people like Lindell are frustrating legitimate efforts to protect the right to vote with motions like this," said David Cross, an attorney for the voting rights activists. "They're a big part of the reason why we've not been able to share Dr. Halderman's report with responsible authorities and other members of the election security community who could help address the important concerns identified in the report."

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Halderman had been hired as an expert on behalf of voting rights experts who sued the state of Georgia to put pressure on the secretary of state to update the system, but Cross said the report's findings about possible security issues were not proof of anything that Trump and his allies have claimed about the 2020 election.

"To be clear, the report does not identify any fraud in any election nor was that its purpose," Cross said.

Fox News had also sought the report in January to support its own defense in a defamation case, and Lindell's request could be aided by Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger’s recent decision to reverse himself and ask for the report's public release -- although that state's officials also agree that it won't prove Trump's loss was tainted.

”Secretary of State Raffensperger led the procurement and implementation of the voting machines, and it is his duty to ensure those machines are safe, secure, and reliable," said a spokeswoman for Gov. Brian Kemp. "He should work to gather all relevant information regarding this report, thoroughly vet its findings, and assure Georgians he is doing everything possible to ensure the system, procedures, and equipment are completely secure.”

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