Dominion spokesman taunts Trump-loving pillow maker: 'Mike Lindell is begging to be sued'
Donald Trump and Mike Lindell. (Facebook)

A spokesman for Dominion Voting Systems says MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is cruising for a legal bruising.

Company spokesman Michael Steel told CNN that Dominion was lining up lawsuits against conservative broadcasters and other allies of former president Donald Trump over false claims the manufacturer rigged the election for Joe Biden.

"This was one of the most secure elections in American history," Steel said. "There is no reason to believe there is widespread fraud."

Steel declined to say who Dominion would target next with lawsuits, but he warned the Trump-loving pillow maker that his recent film broadcast on One America News could be grounds for defamation.

"Mike Lindell is begging to be sued, and at some point we may oblige him," Steel said.

Lindell has said he would sue Dominion himself, but Steel said the company wasn't concerned.

"He's trying to get ahead of the fact that he is spreading lies," the spokesman said. "This latest, quote, unquote documentary that he aired is the same old conspiracy theories repackaged, and the truth is catching up with him."

Dominion spokesman: Mike Lindell is begging to be sued. We may well oblige him