Mike Lindell’s pillows-for-truckers ‘convoy’ hits snag after Canada rejects his unvaccinated crew
Real America's Voice/screen grab

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell this week sent a truck full of pillows up to Canada in a show of solidarity with anti-vaccination mandate protesters.

However, it seems that the plan to reward Lindell's anti-vaxxer allies with free pillows hit a snag when Canadian officials rejected his crew for being unvaccinated.

Brian Glenn, a Lindell ally and correspondent for the Right Side Broadcasting Network, told viewers the unfortunate story of the pillow truck's plight during a Tuesday broadcast.

"Upon entry to Canada, we were asked several questions," Glenn explained. "What's our purpose for business, show proof of citizenship, things like that. The last question they ask you is, 'Are you vaccinated?' or 'Do you have a negative PCR molecular test?' And, of course, I'm not vaccinated, nor do I have a test."

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Glenn went on to say that he and his crew were then detained for several hours, and he said the custom agents were "very professional, but very stern" in how they dealt with him.

"There wasn't any kind of small chit-chat back and forth," he complained. "No communication at all, it was just sit there and wait."

Eventually, they were told to go back to the United States.

"Mandates are still in place, vaccine requirements are still in place," he informed viewers.

Watch the video below.

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