Mike Pence 'cashing in' on presidential bid so Karen can have ‘trappings of high society’: report
Vice President Mike Pence (left) and Second Lady Karen Pence (right). Image via Karen Pence's Twitter.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is making good money for the first time in his life — by mounting a campaign for president in 2024, according to a new report from Vanity Fair.

"Pence has a megawatt book deal in the bag with Simon & Schuster," the magazine reports, adding that Pence and his wife, Karen, now live in a $2 million mansion in "the gated abodes of Hamilton County," one of the wealthiest enclaves in Indiana.

"And the two are traveling widely, with Mike Pence getting paid upwards of $100,000 a speech, according to Republicans who spoke on background," the magazine reports, noting that Pence's advisers see a "clear strategy" in his recent remarks downplaying the Capitol insurrection, in which former president Donald Trump's supporters threatened to kill him: "He's running for president and making a buck for once in his life, until he can't anymore."

One longtime friend said although Pence's chances of winning in 2024 shouldn't be underestimated, "In the meantime, he's making real money for the first time in his life. Running for president is also a great way of making six-figure speeches."

Others suggested that Pence's recent maneuvers are "a simple ploy to make money," and applauded him for finally cashing in after 20 years in public office.

"Why else would someone be paying him $100k to come speak?" one veteran Republican strategist said. "There's no question the presidential race is driving his speaking fees."

"In March, Mike Pence signed on with the Worldwide Speakers Group, home to a number of former Trump administration officials parlaying their time in office into hard cash," the magazine reported, adding that "Indiana Republicans have long noted that Karen Pence enjoyed the trappings of high society, even if she couldn't quite afford them."

"The New York Times reported last week that State Department information indicated Karen Pence 'wrongly took two gold-toned place card holders from the prime minister of Singapore without paying for them.' (The Pences' lawyer rebutted, saying that she had received ethics clearance to do so from the White House)," according to Vanity Fair.

One longtime Indiana Republican said, "This is the first time they've had two pennies to rub together."