Mike Pence torn to shreds for justifying insurrectionists' conspiracies: 'These lies almost got you lynched'
Vice President Mike Pence speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Mike Pence broke his silence on the Jan. 6 insurrection that put his life in danger, and he was blasted as a coward for justifying the rioters' concerns about election fraud.

The former vice president published an op-ed Wednesday on The Daily Signal website arguing against the For The People Act that would expand voting access, and instead defended Republican state legislatures imposing new restrictions to the ballot.

"HR 1 is an unconstitutional, reckless, and anti-democratic bill that would erode those foundational principles and could permanently damage our republic," Pence wrote.

"After a year in which our nation has endured a global pandemic, economic hardship, and a contentious election, now is not the time to further inflame passion and division," he added. "It is time for our nation's leaders to help America heal."

Social media users were astonished and appalled by Pence's position.