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Olivia Troye, the former Homeland Security adviser to Vice President Mike Pence told MSNBC's Medhi Hasan that she has been shocked to see her former boss fade after standing up to the Jan. 6 attempt to overthrow the election certification.

The third of the House Select Committee's public hearings addressed Pence's role in protecting the Electoral College count. Both Republicans and Democrats highlighted his "courage" in standing up for America. But the plot for Jan. 6 became known to Pence a month earlier. It prompted some to ask why he never came out before Jan. 6 to explain what Trump wanted him to do. It also begs the question if he never faded in his dedication to uphold the 2020 election, why he needed to call so many people to ask for their legal advice, like Judge Michael Luttig and former VP Dan Quayle.

Troye raised another question entirely: Pence came out strong on Jan. 6, but hasn't since then. In fact, it's only been through his aides that Americans learned of Trump's pressure campaign against Pence.

Thus far Pence hasn't been subpoenaed, but committee members haven't ruled it out.

"I've been calling for Mike Pence to come forward and speak publicly about this and address it throughout the past year," she explained. "If it were up to me, he should've come forward on Jan. 7, and said, 'Look, this is everything that I happen beforehand. It almost led to my own death. We gotta put a stop to this, the stolen election narrative.' But, I do think it's important to hear from Mike Pence, Greg Jacob and Mark Short were on his immediate staff, they've shared a lot of the details. But I think it is a powerful thing to hear from Mike Pence himself. Also, because the stolen election narrative continues, it lives on today and that's why this hearing is so important still. They are candidates, running across the country that are election deniers. They're running on this illegal action that took place in the White House prior to Jan. 6, that are trying to hold office, this fall. And that should be very alarming to all of us."

She went on to cite Watergate's hearings and note that Republicans maintained their support for Richard Nixon until over a year after the investigations began. It's possible that it could take that long or even longer for Republicans to abandon Trump.

See her comments below:

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