Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took to the floor Wednesday to attack President Joe Biden after a fiery speech in support of voting rights.

McConnell began by saying that Biden unfairly compared those against the Voting Rights Act to George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis. All of those men opposed the Voting Rights Act and opposed the right for people of color to vote.

"There’s no reason to let any one group call all the shots in this state. And you know the militant black bloc vote in this state, if they take over, it’s going to control politics for the next 50 years in Alabama, and I know you are not going to let that happen," said George Wallace in 1970.

McConnell then attacked Biden saying that the speech was below his office. But Biden's main point was to call out McConnell and 15 other Republicans who were willing to support the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act in 2006 but now are refusing to do so. Those online responding to McConnell's speech noted that it was ironic that McConnell would call something Biden did "unpresidential" when he ignored most of Donald Trump's behavior.

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Meanwhile, states across the country are passing voting barriers that require more hoops for voters to jump through simply to cast a ballot. It isn't based on any kind of fraud. According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, people "feel" there's a problem.

Others online noted that recently former President Donald Trump has been attacking McConnell and calling him a "loser."

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McConnell fumes over Biden comparing opponents of the Voting Rights Act to George Wallace

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