Scarborough says GOP may have no choice on impeachment: ‘The longer this plays out the worse it looks for Donald Trump’

The longer Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell waits to hold the impeachment trial for outgoing President Donald Trump, the harder it may be for Republicans to acquit.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said new evidence comes almost daily linking the president to the Capitol riot, and the "Morning Joe" host said the Senate may be forced to convict Trump after he leaves office.

"I've been talking to several pretty well-placed sources through the weekend," Scarborough said. "I've been talking to friends in journalism. They're all coming to the same conclusion about Mitch McConnell, saying we're not going to take this up in the next week or so. He was somehow trying to protect the president. It's taken some of us a little while but that's the last thing Mitch McConnell is doing."

"Mitch McConnell probably knew when he said he was going to delay it that the longer this plays out the worse it looks for Donald Trump," Scarborough added. "Here we are 11 days later and more connections are being revealed, and the longer this goes, the more Donald Trump is going to be attached directly to the rioting and the killing of these police officers."

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