'He wanted people to be killed': Morning Joe pinpoints damning evidence against Trump in Capitol riot

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough pointed to a key piece of evidence against President Donald Trump in the violent siege against the U.S. Capitol by his supporters.

The "Morning Joe" host said the president's lack of concern for Vice President Mike Pence's safety was particularly damning, especially when he had incited anger against his running mate for signaling that he would not try to overturn their election loss when Congress certified the electoral votes.

"They were going around screaming, 'Hang the vice president,'" Scarborough said. "Donald Trump was the one inciting them against the United States. Even though Mike Pence, his wife, and his children were trapped in the Capitol building while the rioters were going around screaming for Mike Pence's head, Trump never called him, never checked on him -- never did anything to try to protect Mike Pence and his family."

"That shows you again the state of this guy's mind while the rioting was going on," Scarborough added. "He wanted people to be hurt, and he wanted people to be killed. I don't know what other conclusion you draw for that when he knows, he incites people against the vice president. He's gleeful at the violence he sees on the TV according to Mike Pence and others around Donald Trump at the time. He knew his vice president's life was in danger, and he did nothing about it."

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