Morning Joe compares anti-McCarthy Republicans to hijackers: 'They're flying the plane for the next two years'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough compared Kevin McCarthy's hardline opponents to terrorists, and called on Republicans to block their attempt to capture control of the House.

A small group of right-wing GOP lawmakers are demanding concessions from McCarthy that would elevate their own power while greatly weakening whoever emerges from the vote as speaker of the House, and the "Morning Joe" host warned that Republicans should not negotiate with those would-be hijackers.

"You cannot negotiate with these people, it's what we keep saying," Scarborough said. "You can't negotiate with them. You turn the plane over to them, they're flying the plane for the next two years. You don't let them in the door. Like, you can negotiate with somebody like [Rep.] Chip Roy, who's talking about transparency, he's talking about giving us the bills, the big fat bills where you're spending billions of dollars, and give us five minutes to vote yes or no. Give us those bills, let us look at those bills for 72 hours. I mean, I have been in that position, and leadership just shoves stuff down your throat because there's a lot of junk in there they know you'll vote against. That's reasonable and rational."

"There's five people who said they're never going to vote for him, so why is Kevin making those concessions?" he added.

Watch the segment below or at this link.

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