Trump 'will be chased by prosecutors for the rest of his life': MSNBC's Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump is starting to get a taste of what his post-presidency life will be like.

The "Morning Joe" host played a video statement from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who compared the U.S. Capitol siege to Kristallnacht and remembered the men he knew who'd been broken by Nazi lies, and Scarborough said Trump would soon find himself living in disgrace.

"We now know, as we always have known, who Donald Trump is," Scarborough said. "He has revealed himself, and he will be driven from the public square. He will lose relevance. He will be chased by prosecutors for the rest of his life."

The president has been banned from Twitter, Facebook and other tech platforms, and Trump's golf courses have been blacklisted by the PGA -- but Scarborough said Republican lawmakers who helped foment the violence should also pay consequences.

"But the question is what about Kevin McCarthy, a guy who actually inspired these traitors with his seditious words?" Scarborough said. "What about Jim Jordan, who's getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump, forever debasing that. Ask people who actually wrestled with him as a coach when he was in college, whether he deserves anything. You look at Josh Hawley, you look at Ted Cruz, who just a few days before this act shouted, 'We are not going to go quietly.'"

"Donald Trump talking about we have to be strong, we can't be weak, march up to the Capitol," he added. "Don Jr. talking about we're coming to get you, we're coming to get you, and it's going to be fun. Rudy Giuliani talking about combat justice -- combat justice -- and there are some sad, pathetic human beings who continue to lie to you on other cable news networks, trying to convince you that all of those red hats, all of those red hats, the members of Antifa, the largest gathering of Antifa in American history in all of those red hats. I didn't know Trumpers -- law enforcement officers are saying to the people that they are arresting, most of the people you have seen on your television screen last week, they have deep ties in the Trump community. No, this is the face of Donald Trump. This is the natural conclusion in Donald Trump."

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