MSNBC's Morning Joe unloads on GOP's 'tyrannical thinking'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough unloaded on his former party for embracing Donald Trump and "tyrannical thinking."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said last week that Trump still owned control of the GOP because he'd won a record number of Republican votes, but the "Morning Joe" host agreed with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) that the party should not be embracing the former president.

"The comment of a record number of Republicans voted for President Trump, you could have said that about Hillary Clinton in 2016," Scarborough said. "A record number of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. What standard is that? She lost, Donald Trump lost. He lost by a record number. He lost to the guy who got a record number of votes from all Americans, but I hear that, quote, that it is his party and his party alone."

Scarborough said conservatives should reject that sort of thinking.

"Isn't that what we always bristled at what we heard people say that about Fidel Castro in Cuba, when we read about [Joseph] Stalin, the party was Stalin's and Stalin's alone. Isn't that what we were concerned about with Chairman Mao? It was what the chairman said it was, just like the communist party in Cuba was what Fidel Castro said it was. If it was murdering Catholics, it was murdering Catholics. If it was shutting down newspapers and jailing people because they dare to speak freely, that's what Fidel Castro would do. If it was shooting down planes, Cessnas, then that's what he would do, and so now to hear this coming from a member of Congress, no matter who the member of Congress is, it sounds very ominous that the party is Donald Trump and Donald Trump is whatever. Whatever Donald Trump says the party is, it is. This is tyrannical thinking."