'Biggest problems': Morning Joe points out key threats to Trump after latest Mar-a-Lago revelations

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough believes Donald Trump's gathering legal problems will eventually hurt him with Republican voters.

The National Archives has notified the former president that it will hand over 16 records to special counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating classified documents that were found in Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. The records reportedly show that the former president and his advisers were aware of the correct declassification process, which the "Morning Joe" host said undercuts his stated defense and could help prove a key element in a criminal case.

"Donald Trump has said, 'All I have to do is think about it and they are declassified,' there is a process," Scarborough said. "The importance to this, obviously, is the archives have records of them working with Trump, saying, 'If you want to declassify these documents this is a proper way to do it.' They got it, now Donald Trump is trying to assert privilege, and this Supreme Court, the Roberts Supreme Court, they reject every one of his claims when it comes to things like this, so it is extraordinarily important when it comes to intent."

Scarborough said the evidence in the Mar-a-Lago case may be confusing to some voters, but he said the broader outlines were clear.

"They do understand about obstruction," Scarborough said. "They understand about lying -- do you have more documents? No, I don't. Will you sign something where your lawyers swear that you don't have any documents? Sure, we'll sign that and we'll give it back to the FBI, and then they give it back and they're lying to them. They do understand that, and I think, in the end, that's his biggest problem."

"I think that -- the obstruction, the lying and Georgia, those are his biggest problems moving forward as a candidate," he added.

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