'Pathetic, vile and heartless': Morning Joe claims Putin made 'stupid as hell' miscalculations in Ukraine

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough condemned Vladimir Putin's "vile" escalation of his war against Ukraine, and warned that it would prove disastrous to his regime.

Russian forces killed at least 30 people and wounded 100 or more in an attack on a train station in Donetsk as the brutal invasion drags on, but the "Morning Joe" host said Russia could never truly win the war.

"Let's again talk about how pathetic, how vile, how heartless Vladimir Putin is in these attacks," Scarborough said. "He has gotten to the point -- well, I mean, I don't know if he's just stupid as hell. He has now -- he has turned the entire country against him. There was at one point a split between those who were pro-Russian and those who were pro-Ukrainian, wanting to go west. But here, let's just be very clear, he is now killing people who are Russians ethnically, killing people who speak Russian, killing the very people who should be inviting him into their region, he's just talked about, you know, his war crimes are just turning him into the mortal enemy of people who should have been his allies."

"Here is the miscalculation," he added. "Seriously, the miscalculations, I can't begin to count the miscalculations Vladimir Putin has made. When Donald Trump has said so many things that are wrong, so many false things, spread so much false information, maybe the dumbest thing he has ever said is Vladimir Putin is brilliant. He is the opposite of brilliant. He has made his life worse in every single way, or at least Russia's."

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