MyPillow CEO slammed by Alabama Republican for claiming voting machines corrupted their election
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (OAN).

On Friday, reported that John Merrill, the Republican Secretary of State of Alabama, is slapping down continued allegations from MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell that voting machines fraudulently switched votes in the state.

"The thing we have maintained is that we didn't have any issues, any irregularities, any inconsistences, any probing, any concerns that was introduced at any level to us," said Merrill, according to William Thornton.

This comes after Lindell once again baselessly claimed Alabama's election was plagued with election fraud on The Jeff Poor Show Thursday.

""The problem is you've got about five different ways when machines are involved that you get intrusions, you can flip, the machines don't even have to be online," said Lindell. "You can set a source code ahead of time and that's what's hard for people to wrap their head around. Now when [Merrill] went on that tour and said the machines weren't online, he could be correct. I asked today, I said, 'Could we go audit a couple of machines and a couple of routers?' They said, 'No, it is against the law in Alabama. You can't do it. You've got to have a judge's order,' and they said maybe you should go out and get a subpoena for that."

Alabama voted for former President Donald Trump by 25 points.

Lindell has repeatedly suggested voting machines flipped the results in a number of states, with Dominion Voting Systems suing him for defamation. He also recently hosted a "cyber symposium" that failed to exhibit any evidence of voter fraud, and has claimed that Trump would be "reinstated" later this year.