Former Trump official slams 'cowardly' Jared Kushner for undermining aides' executive privilege
Jared Kushner (AFP)

On Thursday, MSNBC's Ari Melber interviewed former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro following his subpoena from the Justice Department, and tried to pin him down on his claims that he is protected by executive privilege.

One of the problems with his argument, Melber pointed out, was that many people even closer to Trump have already cooperated in the investigation of January 6 and the efforts to overturn the election, including members of Trump's family — and Navarro's reaction was to attack Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner as "cowardly."

"There's some people ... who have cooperated," said Melber. "Donald Trump's family. His chief lawyer in this effort, Rudy Giuliani. His chief spokesperson. Over 700 people have cooperated with the committee. If you're right — and we hold open the possibility legally you could be right, the case hasn't been decided — what do you say to these people? What do you think of their cooperation?"

"Well first of all, four of the six are not senior White House officials," said Navarro. "So they don't have any claim — they wouldn't have to same claim. Rudy might. I'm not sure what their claims would be."

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"With respect to Kushner, I call him out in my own lawsuit," Navarro continued. "I thought it was cowardly what he did, to go to the committee and undermine the executive privilege of other senior White House advisers. So that's what I would say about that."

In addition to being sought for information on January 6, Kushner is now under congressional investigation for an investment deal he made with a Saudi Arabian wealth fund.

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Peter Navarro calls Jared Kushner "cowardly" for testifying to January 6 committee