Swastika-laden postcard sent to Jewish pizzeria in New York: police
Police car lights (Shutterstock)

On Wednesday, PIX11 reported that police are investigating after a propaganda flier covered in Nazi iconography was sent to a pizzeria in New York.

"The postcard was delivered to Lucia Pizza at 2201 Ave. X in Sheepshead Bay on Monday and had no return address, police said. The flier also had Nazi symbols and an eagle on it, police said," reported Mira Wassef. "The pizzeria owners are Jewish, according to the New York Post."

According to the report, police are investigating the matter as a hate crime.

“This person’s intention was to photocopy this nasty Nazi propaganda to effectively scare us," said Chef Salvatore Carlino, who co-owns Lucia Pizza. "I don’t have the words for it. I was just heartbroken."

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White supremacist groups around the country have been using fliers and other printed propaganda stunts to spread their message, not just as a direct intimidation tactic but also as a method of recruitment. In Boston, neo-Nazis have been using fliers, alongside flash marches and other public events, to draw attention to their cause.

Some of the people distributing this racist material have been accosted by protesters, including an incident at California Polytechnic State University where a neo-Nazi handing out swastika-adorned fliers was punched in the face.