Man arrested for raping teen girl allegedly told victim he thought 'Hitler should have won'
Hitler (Shutterstock)

A Montana man has been charged with one count of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl in October of last year, the Great Falls Tribune reports.

The victim said Michael Shawn Brown, 26, used the name “Michael Forstwulf” when the two were communicating on SnapChat. She said she snuck out and met with him after he offered her marijuana.

"The girl said Brown parked in front of her house in a white Volkswagen. She said she was talking to Brown through the window, then entered the vehicle. Before she could fully close the door, she said Brown began driving and locked the vehicle doors," the Tribune reports. "The girl said she saw that Brown had a large knife. He allegedly drove her to a location in Great Falls, strangled and raped her. He then drove her home, the girl said. When investigators searched the girl’s phone, they reportedly found a chat in which Brown stated, 'If you try to claim rape, I will sue you for libel and press whatever criminal charges I possibly can.'"

According to police, Brown allegedly mentioned claimed to be affiliated with the Aryan brotherhood and Nazis and talked about how “Hitler should have won."

Police also say he has a history of espousing "Nazi ideals and racist tendencies and to carry knives and a handgun," writes the Great Falls Tribune.

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