Adolf Hitler (Shutterstock)

Attorneys prosecuting an accused murderer will not be allowed to discuss the defendant's past social media posts praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on the grounds that it would unfairly prejudice jurors against him.

The Washington Post reports that jurors will not be allowed to hear about the racist social media posts made by Nicolas Giampa, who was indicted in 2019 on a double murder charge for fatally shooting his then-girlfriend’s mother, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, and stepfather, Scott Fricker.

The killing itself was not racially motivated, as prosecutors say that Giampa and the girlfriend made a "suicide pact" and discussed harming her parents if they forced her to stop seeing him.

According to the Post, Kuhn-Fricker had raised alarms with local school officials about Giampa's activity on social media that included promoting "messages praising Hitler, supporting Nazi book burnings, calling for a 'white revolution' and making derogatory comments about Jewish people and gay people."

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Additionally, Giampa wrote tweets praising the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division and also disparaged the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as "a low IQ pervert and sex abuser."

Before being fatally shot by Giampa, Kuhn-Fricker had tried to break up the couple because she feared he was trying to indoctrinate her daughter in white supremacist ideology.

Nonetheless, Fairfax County Circuit Judge Brett A. Kassabian ruled last month that showing the pro-Hitler tweets to the jurors would be "highly prejudicial" and barred prosecutors from mentioning them. The prosecutors in the case decided not to appeal the ruling, writes the Post.