Conservative crowd laughs and applauds for racist 'safety lessons for Black people'

A Las Vegas weapons instructor made shockingly racist jokes during a conservative political event lauded by Donald Trump Jr.

Nephi Khaliki, a concealed carry weapons instructor, spoke at an event attended by assemblyman Tom Roberts, who's running for sheriff, and North Las Vegas mayor John Lee, who's running for governor, and showed the audience a pair of slides titled, “Firearm Safety for White People" and “Firearm Safety for Black People," which he went on to describe in detail, reported KLAS-TV.

“Always put your beer down before handling a firearm," Khaliki said for the safety lesson aimed at white people. "Always keep your finger out of your nose while shooting. Always wear a wife beater on the range, and always make sure there are no minorities in your backdrop.”

"Always keep the gun right side up," Khaliki added in his lesson for Black people. "Always lick the chicken grease off your fingers before shooting. Always make sure there is a white person around so you have someone to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life, and always aim for small children to ensure you actually hit another gang member.”

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The audience laughed appreciatively throughout the lesson and applauded at the line about Black people blaming white people for their problems, and Khaliki, who was holding a handgun during his speech and poked fun at his Afghan heritage, defended his jokes to the TV station.

“Due to time constraints at the event," he said in a statement, "I sincerely regret I wasn’t able to poke fun at more of my friends.”

Khaliki seemed to be bothered by the negative attention, and he tweeted out a clip showing portions of his speech after the gun safety lesson that he said showed he was "going somewhere meaningful" after the racist jokes.

"Look, I think racism is funny," Khaliki said in the speech. "Because, in order to be a racist you've got to be so ignorant because, to me, racism is about fear. I fear you so I want to control you because I'm afraid that if you're left to your own devices you will rise above me and you will be my ruler."

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"Racism is fear," he added, as soft piano music played. "So I laugh when somebody talks about the racist sh*t I think they've revealed themselves in a way that's quite humorous to me. Wow, aren't you just a little b*tch."

The crowd laughed at the last line, and he admitted that racism and bigotry sometimes excluded people from jobs, but he urged victims of discrimination to just get over it.

"Somebody's going to discriminate against us for one reason or another," Khaliki said. "The point is for you to not give a sh*t. Live your life and do the best that you can."

Lee and Roberts each appear in videos from the event, but Roberts said he was not present for Khaliki's speech and Lee did not respond to request for comment.

A spokesperson for the local library district, which hosted the public event, condemned Khaliki's racist remarks.

"The Library District condemns hate speech in any form and will be meeting to review our room rental policy," the spokesperson said. "The group in question rented a meeting room from the Library District and it is in no way connected to our organization, beliefs, or views.”

The former president's son appears in a video posted on the Vegas-CCW Facebook page applauding the event.

"I want to acknowledge all of you patriots out there," Trump Jr. says in the video. "Keep up the good work. Keep signing up, people. Make sure we protect the Second Amendment.”

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