New Ailes’ lawsuit: 'Abuse was among the worst he inflicted on his many victims'
Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes (Screen cap via Bloomberg)

In a new lawsuit filed in the state of New York, a former Fox employee has detailed the extent of abuse, manipulation and intimidation she endured from late Fox Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roger Ailes.

Laura Luhn who starting working for Ailes' Ailes Communications in 1991, then began working at Fox News as a guest relations staffer and eventually became senior director of corporate and special events in 2007 for four years. The complaint lists William Shine, former White House communications chief for former President Donald Trump and former Fox producer as a defendant, as well as Fox News Network and Twenty-First Century Fox. Luhn says the abuse began in 1991.

The complaint states: "Ailes' abuse of Luhn was among the worst he inflicted on his many victims," the complaint continues. "[Fox News corporate executives] knew of Ailes' conduct yet did nothing to stop it."

Luhn has publicly stated she went through a mental breakdown because of the prolong abuse which according to Luhn included hurtful public relations campaigns to bully the women who were abuse victims into silence. The complaint further states that Luhn was blackmailed as the victim of forced sex acts that were filmed on video. Ailes threatened Luhn that she could not tell anyone about the abuse and called her his 'sex slave' while referring to the blackmail photos and videos as his 'insurance policy.'

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Luhn has previously made public accusations about her abuse, including in a 2021 interview with The Daily Beast.

Luhn's suit has been filed under the New York Adult Survivors Act, which created a one-year window for adult victims to file claims regardless of the statute of limitations.