Don Bolduc loses in race against Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire
Photo: Screen capture

After several weeks of propitiating a conspiracy theory that children were being allowed to identify as cats and use litter boxes at a school, Republican candidate Don Bolduc lost his 2022 bid to bring down Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), reported NBC News.

Bolduc's poll numbers began to slump in the final weeks of the election as he traveled the state and appeared to triple-down on his conspiracy, saying that he had heard the information from New Hampshire parents and children. In fact, Joe Rogan revealed on the Friday before the election that he was the source of the lie and it turns out Bolduc lied about what "parents" told him.

The final Emerson College poll showed Hassan in the lead but barely. The UMass Lowell had Hassan up by 10 points. The Trafalgar Group, however, showed Buldouc up by a point the week before the election.