Woman pleads guilty to sending shockingly gruesome threats to GOP Michigan election official

A New Hampshire woman has taken a plea agreement for sending graphic and violent threatening messages to Monica Palmer, a member of the Wayne County, Michigan Board of Canvassers, the Detroit News reported on Thursday.

Palmer, a Republican, is one of the officials who voted against certifying the 2020 election results — a move Trump and his supporters wanted as a desperate effort to try to prevent Joe Biden from receiving electors from the state.

"Katelyn Jones, 25, a former Olivet resident who lives in Epping, faces up to 10 years in federal prison and will be sentenced July 11 in federal court in Detroit," reported Robert Snell. "She was charged in December 2020 following an FBI investigation that probed lingering fallout from President Donald Trump's defeat and baseless allegations about voting irregularities. The criminal complaint and an FBI affidavit filed in federal court described threats leveled at Palmer."

"On Nov. 18, Palmer received multiple threatening texts from an unknown person who utilized a cellphone with a 269 area code," said the report. "'Damn it was not hard finding all of your information disgusting racist b----,' one text read. 'I don't tolerate people like you, in fact I consider you to be a terrorist and do you know what happens to terrorist,' the text read, adding Palmer's name." The text was accompanied by what FBI agents say was "two graphic photographs of a bloody, deceased, nude, mutilated woman, lying on the ground."

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Jones used a burner number to send the threats, according to the report, but FBI officials were still able to trace her by identifying the messaging service and her IP address.

This comes after a number of threats were levied by Trump supporters against election officials who did affirm various results in closely contested states. In one case, a Missouri man targeted an Arizona elections official, warning in a message that if they didn't stop criticizing a partisan GOP-backed "audit" of Maricopa County, "your ass will never make it to your next little board meeting." It also comes as the FBI announces Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was targeted as part of an anti-Semitic plot to murder Jewish elected officials.