'More legal trouble for Fox News': Details of explosive new revelations rock the network
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch (Shutterstock)

A producer at Fox News has come out with explosive allegations against the network, including that she witnessed a parade of anti-Semitic and sexist behavior from network bigwigs behind the scenes — but perhaps most important, she has upended Fox's defense in the $1.6 billion lawsuit against them by Dominion Voting Systems for spreading election lies, claiming that network lawyers pushed her into giving false testimony in a deposition.

CNN's media reporter Oliver Darcy broke down the significance of the new development with anchor Kaitlan Collins on Tuesday.

"Abby Grossberg is accusing the network's legal team of intimidation while they prepared her for a deposition," said Collins. "What is she alleging? She is saying when she was talking to these attorneys before she went in for the deposition, that they — she alleges manipulated her into giving testimony that wasn't accurate."

"Essentially," said Darcy. "This is more legal trouble for Fox News. This producer is saying she was basically bullied and intimidated and coerced into giving misleading testimony ... it says Fox News attorneys 'acted as agents and the behest of Fox News to misleadingly coach, manipulate, and coerce Ms. Grossberg to deliver shaded and/or incomplete answers during her sworn deposition testimony, which answers were clearly to her reputational detriment but greatly benefitted Fox News."

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This new legal action against Fox, noted Darcy, "comes at a critical time in the case."

"Fox News is set to duke it out in court with Dominion in a key hearing later today," said Darcy. "The news she potentially was, you know, coerced into giving misleading testimony during a sworn deposition is, obviously, a pretty explosive allegation."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

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