New York Republican drops out of state Senate race — and quits the GOP

On Wednesday, local news outlet WGRZ reported that former Republican Erie County Executive Joel Giambra has suspended his campaign for New York state Senate — and left the Republican Party altogether.

"In an email sent to friends and supporters, Giambra said he, 'can no longer remain a Republican or continue with my campaign to seek the Republican nomination for Senator in the 61st District,'" said the report.

Giambra first began his campaign in February, with an endorsement from the Erie County Republican Party.

"I cannot stand with party leaders who double down in their support of the NRA after yet another mass shooting; who applaud the decision to take away a woman's right to choose and who encourage the elimination of LGBQ rights; and who still believe that Donald Trump is their president," wrote Giambra in his explanation for why he is changing his party affiliation.

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This comes a few months after New Hampshire state Rep. William Marsh renounced the GOP and defected to the Democratic Party, citing Republicans' promotion of anti-vaccine propaganda as the reason for his defection.

It also comes as several Republicans in Pennsylvania are planning to endorse Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro for governor, revolting against far-right nominee Doug Mastriano.