'It's not a Marxist party': Newsmax host challenges ex-Trump adviser for attacking Democrats
Newsmax/screen grab

Newsmax host Bob Sellers disputed former Trump adviser John Browne after he claimed that Democratic President Joe Biden's "Marxist administration" is plotting to cancel the midterm elections.

During an interview on Wednesday, Browne suggested that Biden was behind possible sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

"So you ask yourself, who benefits?" Browne said. "Certainly not Russia or the European Union. There are two others who do benefit: climate control people because this has released methane, which is by far the biggest cause of climate change than carbon which is merely a hoax."

"And Biden admitted that the other day and today his spokesman talked about green energy taking off because of this," he added.

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Sellers interrupted: "You seem to be saying this came from President Biden and you think there's a reason he's doing this?"

Brown argued that Biden planned to use the emergency to cancel or postpone the midterm elections.

"I think that it benefits President Biden," Browne opined. "The Marxist administration here sees a massive defeat in November so they have to create an emergency large enough to allow Biden to cancel the midterm elections. And here they are. A climate emergency and a Russian emergency of using nuclear for the first time in 77 years that they've ever been used and spin it into such a massive emergency that he comes one and the president says I'm putting off or canceling the midterm elections."

"OK, that's your theory," Sellers replied. "And I want to make clear that it's not a Marxist Party."

"It is a Democratic Party that a lot of people feel leans way too left," he added, "and there's no evidence that that is indeed what they are trying to do but we appreciate you, John, expressing that theory as far as who may — if anybody did — who may have disrupted those pipelines."

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