Caitlyn Jenner's campaign drawing 'anemic' support  as GOP's Newsom recall swirls down the drain
Caitlyn Jenner (Photo: Screen capture)

The California GOP's campaign to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is swirling down the drain and a new poll shows that Republican hopeful Caitlyn Jenner is drawing "anemic" support so far.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll gives Newsom an approval rating of 52 percent, which bodes ill for efforts to oust him from office later this year.

What's more, the poll found that just 36 percent of Californians would vote to recall Newsom, while 49 percent said they were opposed to the recall.

While none of the Republicans running for governor drew overwhelming support in the UC Berkeley poll, reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner fared particularly poorly.

"The survey's results were especially bleak for retired Olympic gold medalist Jenner, as just 6% of Californians who took part in the survey said they would vote to have her replace Newsom — a vast majority of Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated or independent voters said they would not be inclined to support her candidacy," the LA Times reports.

Jenner has made a series of self-inflicted wounds during her brief campaign, most notably when she said she heard a fellow rich person complain about the presence of so many homeless people while the two were talking at Jenner's private plane hangar.