White nationalist Nick Fuentes booted from FreedomFest conference: report
Nick Fuentes (Photo by William Edwards for afp)

Late Thursday night, notorious white nationalist Nick Fuentes had his invitation pulled to sit on a panel at the libertarian FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas in two weeks.

Fuentes, who, true to form, recently stated that "Jews" were a primary reason why it took so long for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade after fifty years, was supposed take part on a panel called, "How to Fight the Information Police,” as well as being handed a spot to screen and promote his film “The Most Canceled Man in America” until he was canceled himself.

As the Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo and Will Sommer report, the conference organizers admitted they didn't properly vet Fuentes, who has a long history of racist comments that has led to a schism over his connection to the pro-Donald Trump America First group.

According to the report, the ouster of Fuentes was the result of complaints from unnamed "leaders" after they saw his name listed on the agenda for the conference.

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As the Beast's Sommer and Petrizzo report, "FreedomFest would have put Fuentes in the same conference as the likes of other scheduled speakers like Fox News host Lisa Kennedy, former congressman Justin Amash (L-MI), and failed presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang"... but that will no longer happen.

According to a statement issued by FreedomFest executive director Valerie Durham, "FreedomFest strongly believes in the fundamental right to free speech and free expression in our nation’s civil discourse. However, we also reserve the right not to endorse certain points of view that lead our nation away from such discourse.”

She added, "During this time, we were approached by several leaders we respect who gave us further information. Upon learning this information, we took a deeper look into Mr. Fuentes’ ideology. As a result of that further research, we decided to remove Mr. Fuentes as a panelist.”

Asked for a statement, Fuentes laughed his cancellation off and said he would screen his film elsewhere the weekend of the conference.

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