The Supreme Court's decisions overturning decades of precedent on abortion rights and gun regulations are politically unpopular -- but, as CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explained on Friday, it just doesn't matter.

In breaking down the implications of the latest flood of court decisions, Toobin said that the court is completely insulated from public opinion given that they have received lifetime appointments to the bench.

"Look at the big three cases of this term: Abortion rights, ending Roe v. Wade; ending gun control under many, many circumstances; and yesterday's decision about making it almost impossible for the environmental protection agency to regulate climate change," he said. "All unpopular. And people say, you know, well, what about the court's authority? Rhe court doesn't care. They are not running for office. They are there indefinitely."

Toobin singled out the court's ruling against the Environmental Protection Agency as particularly problematic, as it could potentially cripple government agencies' ability to regulate anything that is not explicitly mentioned by Congress in its original legislation.

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"How does the Education Department administer student loans?" he asked rhetorically. "How does OSHA deal with COVID? How does the Securities and Exchange Commission enforce fraud regulations? All of that is implicated by the decision yesterday."

Watch the video below or at this link.

'The court doesn't care': Legal analyst delivers chilling implications of latest SCOTUS cases