Trump supporters seethe at 'RINO' GOP lawmaker after he endorses Nikki Haley
Trump Supporters (AFP)

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), who infamously encouraged former President Donald Trump to declare "Marshall Law" (sic) in order to remain in power, has upset some of the former president's supporters by endorsing former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for president.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday morning, Norman said he was "thrilled" to endorse Haley for president, which he hinted would offer the Republican Party a chance to turn the page on former President Donald Trump.

"While the Republican candidates, values, and messages have done very well here in South Carolina, that hasn’t been the case everywhere across our great nation," he wrote. "It’s time for a reset and a new chapter in national Republican politics, and there’s no better person to help write that new chapter than our former governor and my good friend, Nikki Haley!"

Some Trump supporters, however, were not pleased with Norman's endorsement and they let him have it in replies to his endorsement.

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"Nikki turned on Trump -- I will NEVER VOTE FOR HER!!" wrote one. "Trump deserves the presidency -- IT WAS STOLEN FROM HIM; FROM ME!!! IN 2020!! She is dishonest and has zero integrity!!"

"No... we will not vote for her," wrote another user who posted a meme accusing Haley of declaring "war" on his heritage by taking down the Confederate flag in South Carolina.

"No," echoed another. "We don’t like globalist democrats."

Another of Norman's followers simply dismissed him as a "RINO" for backing Haley.