Nikki Haley ridiculed for math struggles in July 4th attack on Joe Biden: 'And the GOP is banning math books'

Math is hard. Former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), who graduated with an accounting degree from Clemson University, got confused while trying to attack President Joe Biden.

The Republican politician showed a list that attempted to blame Biden for inflation, which is actually a problem that is happening around the world. It listed several items used in a typical barbecue like hotdogs, soda, condiments, ice cream, bread and watermelon.

The graphic then added up the percentages that have increased due to inflation, declaring that all of those items together mean families are paying 67 percent more for items.

The problem, however, is that isn't how inflation works or how percentages work. For example, if someone is shopping and finds a blouse for 30 percent off and a pair of shoes for 10 percent off, it doesn't mean that the full price is 40 percent off.

Haley has since deleted the tweet, but the ridicule persists from those who have posted screen captures. See the comments below: