'Larry Hogan got a tan': Ex-Trump adviser takes racial jab at 'not white' Nikki Haley
MSNBC/screen grab

Former Trump adviser Steve Cortes took a racial jab at Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley after she announced her intentions to run in 2024.

On Thursday, Cortes blasted Haley's qualifications on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast.

"Nikki Haley, essentially, this is what she's offering the people as her value proposition: I'm a woman, and I'm not white, and I spew a lot of platitudes," Cortes told Bannon.

"That's a pretty weak selling proposition," he added. "In many ways, she reminds me — it's like Larry Hogan got a tan, and he put on a wig."

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Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.