Nikki Haley's pledge to oppose election deniers didn't last long
Nikki Haley, Donald Trump (Photo by Olivier Douliery for AFP)

In an interview with the "Today Show" Nikki Haley, Donald Trump's former ambassador to the United Nations, asserted her principles and said she would never help or support any Republican candidates who denied the 2020 election results. Election deniers have taken over the Republican Party after primary elections where supporters of the former president's dominated the polls with election denial as the litmus test.

Haley, like many of the few Republicans, left willing to speak out against the attempt to overthrow the government, but she quickly failed to keep the promise, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

“Everybody that I’m helping acknowledges the fact that the elections, you know, were real,” Haley promised.

It was only Tuesday that Haley stumped for New Hampshire senate candidate Don Bolduc at a rally. While running in a GOP primary, Bolduc claimed that President Joe Biden is "illegitimate."

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In Aug., Bolduc made it clear: “I signed a letter ... saying that Trump won the election, and, damn it, I stand by my letter. I’m not switching horses, baby. This is it.”

It's unclear if Bolduc got some polling back showing he couldn't win with that stance, if there were problems with donations, or he just really wanted Haley to visit, but he flip-flopped so fast that all of the local papers outright laughed at him.

“I’ve done a lot of research on this and I have spent the past couple of weeks talking to Granite Staters all over the state, from every party, and I have come to the conclusion, and I want to be definitive about this, that the election was not stolen,” Bolduc said last month. "People live and learn."

As the Boston Globe put it: "The joke’s on anyone in the Republican Party who actually believed Bolduc when, as recently as last month, he echoed Trump’s lie that he had actually won the election."

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The flip was good enough for Haley, who stood next to Bolduc proclaiming his integrity.

Haley also campaigned for far-right Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt, who was caught on tape trashing Roe by saying that freedom led to other bad decisions.

Laxalt, a former state attorney general, wrote in a Nov. 2020 op-ed for the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Nevada election officials tabulated “thousands of illegal votes consisting of a combination of dead voters, out-of-state voters, double voters (those who cast ballots in Nevada and another state), among other improper votes.”

As the Los Angeles Times wrote, Laxalt "didn’t just jump on the ex-president’s election-denying bandwagon. He helped build it."

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As co-chairman of Trump’s Nevada campaign, Laxalt led efforts to overturn Biden’s 2020 victory in the state, filing a batch of groundless lawsuits, pushing phony claims of voter fraud and sowing unwarranted doubts about the integrity of balloting overseen by Nevada’s top election official, a fellow Republican.

While his whole family has come out against him, Haley rushed to Laxalt's side too.

Haley also endorsed Ted Budd of North Carolina, who was one of the Republicans in Congress on Jan. 6 who refused to certify the election.

So, when Haley claims, she's not supporting election deniers, the Post explained, she's lying.