'It stands where it stands': Nikki Haley won't condemn Trump for sexually abusing woman
CBS/screen grab

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley on Sunday declined to criticize her opponent, Donald Trump, after he was found liable for sexually abusing writer E. Jean Carroll.

Haley was asked about the verdict during an interview on CBS's Face The Nation.

"I want to ask you, as a conservative woman, do you think it undermines your party if the Republican front runner is someone who was just found liable, legally liable, for sexually abusing a woman?" host Margaret Brennan said.

Haley responded without attacking the former president.

"I have always said that anyone that feels like they have been sexually assaulted in any way should come forward and have their voice heard," she remarked. "I also think anyone that's been accused should be able to defend themselves."

"I was not on the jury. I am not the judge," she continued. "I think that both of them had their voices heard. There has been a verdict, and there's been an appeal."

Brennan noted that Trump refused to appear in court for the trial.

"Are you drawing into question the legal findings?" the host asked.

"No," Haley replied. "I said there's a verdict, and I think there's been an appeal. I think it stands where it stands, and I think the American people need to make a decision based on that."

Watch the video below from CBS or at the link.