Notorious Trump supporter banned from the Arizona House after he films himself harassing lawmakers

On Thursday, KPNX's Brahm Resnik reported that a notorious far-right anti-mask activist has been banned from the Arizona House of Representatives complex after an incident in which he followed and harassed lawmakers and tourists.

During the incident, Ethan Schmidt, who was accompanied by Arizona State College Republicans United founder Rick Thomas, made the Nazi salute at people wearing masks, and demanded to know why state Rep. Reginald Bolding, who is Black, was wearing a "slave muzzle".

A spokesperson for House Speaker Rusty Bowers confirmed that Schmitt is now barred from the premises: "The abhorrent and reprehensible behavior demonstrated by this individual toward our members, staff, and the public will not be tolerated."

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Schmidt, who has been kicked off most social media platforms for COVID-19 disinformation, has appeared at the events of far-right election conspiracy theorist and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. He generated controversy after harassing a shop that sells wigs to cancer patients over their mask policy.