Secret Service in talks with NYPD for possible Trump arrest: CBS
Trump speaking at a rally in 2019. (

The New York City Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service are reportedly having discussions about how to conduct an arrest of former President Donald Trump.

CBS correspondent Robert Costa told host Margaret Brennan that he was surprised at the lack of coordination between the Manhattan D.A.'s office and Trump's legal team after the former president announced that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday.

"What's so surprising in the reporting is that there's not much planning going on, at least between the Trump camp and the Manhattan district attorney," Costa said. "People close to the former president say there are real gaps, tensions between the D.A. and the Trump team about how this could unfold, whether there would be a perp walk or cameras or the former president walking in, whether he would have a private entrance or not."

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But he revealed that the Secret Service and NYPD were coordinating.

"Whenever there is an indictment, should it come, it would be coordinated by NYPD and Secret Service and other local authorities," Costa noted. "CBS News has learned there are some conversations among those entities at this moment."

Watch the video below from CBS or at the link.