Two Georgia election workers have sued One America News and Rudy Giuliani, claiming the right-wing news outlet and former Trump attorney spread false claims that resulted in them being relentlessly harassed.

"This is yet another lawsuit that is claiming that the right-wing, especially OAN, Rudy Giuliani, were pushing lies during the election," CNN justice reporter Katelyn Polantz explained on Friday.

"This one is a little bit different because it is two Georgia absentee ballot processors. They were processing ballots at the State Farm arena in Georgia after election day. They were on video and that video became part of this right-wing narrative that there was election fraud, people accusing them of tampering with the ballots. Georgia officials said that didn't happen at all."

"Instead, these two women say after this video was circulated of them, they were doxxed... One of the women, her name is Ruby Freeman. The FBI told her she needed to leave her house on January 6th, the day of the insurrection. She had to leave her house for safety because a crowd had gathered outside. She didn't return for several weeks. She was getting emails, text messages, even Christmas cards that were threatening, messages to her that were quite harassing," Polantz said.

"The other woman, Moss, said people were showing up at her grandmother's house and were trying to make a citizen's arrest. So we have asked for comment from OAN and from Giuliani in response to this lawsuit. We haven't heard anything back yet. They will have some time in court to come back and make their arguments in court."

"There is a long road ahead in a case like this. It is a serious defamation case," Polantz continued. "But I can say right now we have already seen cases like this from places like Dominion Voting Systems against Giuliani, OAN, and specifically against Giuliani, it wasn't frivolous at all, a judge looked at it and allowed it to move forward toward trial. that both the right-wing media and Rudy Giuliani are looking to have to deal with in D.C. district court in the future."

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CNN justice reporter explains the latest lawsuit against OAN and Rudy Giuliani