One of Trump's favorite TV networks is getting booted from DirecTV in just a few days

Satellite TV provider DirecTV is dropping the right-wing media outlet One America News (OAN), effective Monday, April 4. An update on the service's website says, "As we Spring Forward, some exciting programming updates from DIRECTV."

The network, which has been stalwart in its support of former President Donald Trump and his false stolen election narrative, buried the announcement it was dropping OAN at the bottom of a subscriber update posted online.

As noted by the New York Daily News, "The cable channel had a good run during the Donald Trump presidency, where it shamelessly promoted the 45th president’s agenda. Trump, in turn, appeared on OAN and promoted it on social media. The conspiracy-pushing outlet remains the target of lawsuits filed by two voting-technologies companies seeking billions of dollars in damages over OAN’s coverage of alleged voting- machine irregularities."

OAN is not happy. Host Dan Ball went on air begging viewers to bring him evidence that William Kennard, who is the chairman of AT&T and parent company to DirecTV, was “cheating on his taxes, cheating on his wife (or) saying racial slurs against white people.”

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On its website, OAN has a copy of a lawsuit it says it filed against Kennart, AT&T and DirectTV, claiming that taking it off the air would constitute a breach of contract. A “Where to Watch” page on OAN’s site says it is still available for viewing on platforms including KlowdTV and Verizon FiOS.

In January, Trump complained that “AT&T is closing the very popular One America News Network (OAN) because too many people are watching."

"They couldn’t put up with that any longer," the former president claimed. "Conservatives/Republicans should boycott Direct TV (SIC), and while you’re at it 'Concast’s' Xfinity as well. These are Radical Left Lunatics who are destroying our Nation!”

Trump put out another statement on March 14 urging that “the people of this Country should protest the decision to eliminate OAN, a very important voice.”

"Demand that OAN be allowed to stay on the air," he added. "It is far bigger and more popular than anyone knows, and importantly, it represents the voice of a very large group of people!"

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