This is the video Stewart Rhodes allegedly showed the Oath Keepers to encourage them to storm the Capitol
Oath Keepers security at Woodland Mall (Facebook)

The nearly 50-page indictment for Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes dropped on Thursday, which detailed the charges of seditious conspiracy from the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. government. The indictment also revealed that it involves an additional 10 members of the para-military militia group.

About ten pages into the indictment, it was revealed that Rhodes used a video of a Serbian author who detailed how he and his movement were able to seize power when they say Slobodan Milošević stole the election. Titled "Step by step procedure, how we won when Milosevic stole our elections," was one of many videos that Rhodes told his Signal channel that they should watch from the author.

Among his instructions were, "Millions gathered in our capital," the description says under the video. "There were no barricades strong enough to stop them, nor the police determined enough to stop them. Police and Military aligned with the people after few hours of fist-fight. We stormed the Parliament. And burned down fake state Television!"

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It's almost exactly what happened when the Oath Keepers did on Jan. 6 as part of the effort to bring down the government through the Capitol.

"Later, on Nov. 10, 2020, Rhodes publicly published this plan of action under the headline, 'What We The People Must Do' on the Oath Keepers website in a "call to action" section.

He then held a private Go-To-Meeting video chat with other Oath Keepers from around the country.

Read the full indictment here and see the video here and below: