'One shot, one kill': Small-town GOP official booted off Twitter for apparent threat against Biden
President Joe Biden is having better news this week, with Senate wins and an end to his Covid bout. (OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP)

A Republican first selectman from the town of Brookfield, Connecticut was booted off Twitter recently after she made an apparent threat against President Joe Biden.

The NewsTimes reports that Brookfield First Selectman Tara Carr earlier this month stoked controversy when she angrily attacked President Joe Biden over the presence of a spy balloon from China over American skies.

"He's aiding & abetting the enemy," Carr wrote of Biden. "Ready. Aim. Fire. One shot, one kill. That simple..."

Even though Twitter CEO Elon Musk has taken a much more hands-off approach to suspending accounts, he has said that posts that directly incite violence will be removed.

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However, Brookfield Republican Town Committee Chair George Blass defended Carr and said that she was simply encouraging for the balloon to be shot down rather than directing any threat toward Biden, although people who use the word "kill" in a statement are usually directing the word toward living organisms and not non-sentient objects floating in the sky.

“The comment she made was taken out of context,” Blass said. “Most people would understand what she was talking about.”

Brookfield Democratic Town Committee Chair Aaron Zimmer, however, said that the apparently threatening tweet was in line with Carr's other actions.

"What we hope happens is that the people of Brookfield become aware of what type of person she really is," he said.

Carr did not respond to the NewsTimes' request for comment.