'Is this an insurrection?' Second Amendment hearing goes off the rails as protesters interrupt GOP chair
YouTube/screenn grab

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) became angry on Thursday and gaveled a hearing into recess after protesters repeatedly interrupted him.

At a hearing on the so-called weaponization of government, Pallon was interrupted by a protester as he spoke in defense of the Second Amendment.

"Oh, ma'am, ma'am," Fallon said before asking for the woman to be removed. "Please remove that woman, please. Yes, officer, please. You're removed."

The chairman then read a statement demanding decorum. But he was interrupted again only moments later.

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"See, this is exactly what we have to avoid, which is some minority of folks trying to silence dissent," he complained. "I believe a lot of the time differing, but there's a decorum that should be adhered to."

"Is this an insurrection?" the lawmaker asked. "So will they be held to the same, I don't want another January 6th, do we?"

Moments later, Fallon abruptly decided to call a recess in the hearing.

"Does the Capitol Police not do their jobs? What in the hell's going on?" he remarked.

Watch the video below or at this link.