Trump-loving tech mogul charging $5 a month to reveal bizarre election conspiracies
Patrick Byrne of at Bitcoin2014 (CoinDesk/Flickr)

Patrick Byrne, the right-wing founder of, is charging $5 a month to reveal "hand grenades" -- and eventually the "Mother of All Bombs" -- about supposed voter fraud against Donald Trump.

The former tech mogul has become a prominent election conspiracy theorist since Trump lost, appearing at rallies alongside MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and pro-Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, but even some of his new fans are dubious about his new scheme, reported The Daily Beast.

"I'm really disappointed," one fan posted on Byrne's page on Telegram, the social network popular among the far right. "If this is the make or break revolution we are told it is, why are we paying for information?"

Both Wood and Powell solicit donations for nonprofits they control, and Byrne so far has scooped up 19,100 subscribers on his paywalled election fraud revelations on Locals, a website founded by right-wing comedian Dave Rubin, paying $5 a month or $55 a year, which he claims will be spent to undo the "soft coup" he says put Joe Biden in the White House.

"100% of the FUNDS people are paying me on Locals are going to help fight this fight," Byrne told The Daily Beast. "People say they want to help. Well OK, here's a way to sign up for five dollars per month."

Byrne claims he has spent $5.5 million of his own money investigating election fraud conspiracies and at least $40 million more "investigating corruption in USA," but some Trump lovers are suspicious.

"The fact that the former CEO of Overstock needs our monthly donation to do what you're doing still makes me suspicious," one Telegram user wrote.

Much of the content Byrne shares is available elsewhere for free, and often with higher quality videos, and he repeatedly makes bold predictions that fail to materialize, but some fans are happy to shell out a few dollars a month to see his conspiracies, and view the subscription fee as a barrier that keeps "libtards" off the site.

"That's a steal for TRUTH!" wrote one fan.