March for Life is getting 'derailed' by fascist hate group Patriot Front: reporter
Screen cap / Twitter

Patriot Front, a fascist hate group that held a march in Washington D.C. late last year, is now disrupting the annual anti-abortion March for Life.

As reported by The Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo, dozens of Patriot Front members barged into the March for Life on Friday and began chanting while other anti-abortion marchers did their best to keep their distance from them.

As the Patriot Front members chanted slogans, some counter-demonstrators could be heard yelling back, "F*ck you, Nazis!"

As the march started, Patriot Front walked along with other marchers while carrying a banner that read, "Strong Families Make Strong Nations."

"The ‘March for Life’ has been derailed by the white nationalist and neo-Nazi hate group Patriot Front," commented Petrizzo as he documented the event.

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According to the Washington Post's Ellie Silverman, Patriot Front members at some point split off from the larger March for Life and were escorted by D.C. police through the city before arriving at the Gallery Place Metro near the Smithsonian American Art Museum on H Street.

Silverman notes that counter-protesters yelled at police for giving them an escort instead of arresting them after they broke off from the permitted path of the March for Life.

Watch some videos of Patriot Front below.